cork prison

The Irish Prison Education Service invited Tim Schmelzer to the “Artist in Prison” program to create a workshop for the prisoners at Cork Prison. Tim Schmelzer developed a concept of a light projection where the prisoners could express what moves them inside the prison.
During the workshop Tim Schmelzer supported the participants from the internal prison art school to develop own ideas, and gave inspirations to create subjects for the projection. The participants used several medias like drawings, collages, computer graphics and clay sculpturing. The artwork has been finally presented to the public by a light projection on the external wall at the prison. The photographic documentation has been presented to the workshop participants. In addition Tim Schmelzer created a projection subject for the Recreation Yard inside of the prison together with the participant prisoners. The silhouettes of the participants has been projected on the insight walls at night. They were positioned and adjusted in the light and shadow situation of the yard.   

The implementation of the workshop has been enabled because of the willingly collaboration of the participating prisoners, as well as the support of the art teachers and the governor of Cork prison. The copyright of the photographic documentation belongs to the Cork Prison respectively to the prisoners themselfs. By courtesy of the Cork Prison, some photographs of the projections are presented on this website.


Extract of several projection subjects 
© by Cork Prison 2014



Projection at the Recreation Yard
© by Cork Prison 2014