Cultural Events

Tim Schmelzer’s artistic work is staged in different public spaces using light projections from large-format projectors and video installations. His graphic works also be presented at different cultural events. Beside his free graphic works, Tim Schmelzer also creates  collages for light projections for social and cultural projects in the public space. Find below is a summary of further works.

Projection design for the Austrian environmental protection organisation Global 2000 at Austria’s only nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf. The plant was the only one in the world to be completed but prevented from going into operation by a national referendum.


The Vienna Popfest offers Austrian musicians a highly respected live platform for innovative pop music in its various guises for the seventh time. The playing continues for four days and nights on the Kunstplatz Karlsplatz, both open-air and indoors in the art and culture establishments. Tim Schmelzer presented his work several times at the festival.


The Wiesen Festival site near Vienna is since 1976 one of the best stages in Austria for Jazz, World Music, Punk, and electronic music. Bands like Manu Chao, Kraftwerk, Kings Of Leon and The Pogues was invited for music festivals in the last jears. For some oft the festivals,Tim Schmelzer designed projections subjeks for the festival tent. 


Several light protections where presented at the Radio Ö1 culture tent and bushes at the Danube Island Festival. The culture tent presents readings, classic music, and satire performances.       



The Media Opera was a temporary place to go and initial point for media art and visual artists at the St. Marx Hall in Vienna. Tim Schmelzer designed a floor projection for public events with multidimensional performances.