kolding light festival 2013

On the occasion of the Light Festival in Kolding, Denmark, the silo in Kolding  Harbor was set in a new light with large-scale projections based on illustrations by Irish painter and illustrator Harry Clarke. Tim Schmelzer created an original composition consisting of new colour spaces and rearranged details from Clarke’s fairy tale illustrations. The work was produced exclusively for the Kolding Light Festival and presented there on a single occasion in the form of a facade projection. The projection subjects were based on Harry Clarke’s illustrations to Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales and other illustrations from The Year’s at the Spring, an anthology of poetry by various authors. Through the use of Clarke’s illustrations for Hans Christian Andersen, Tim Schmelzer also established a reference to Denmark with his collages.
Harry Clarke was an Irish stained glass artist and book illustrator. Born in Dublin, he was a leading figure in the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement. In 1916,  his illustrations for Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales were his first published work. Hans Christian Andersen is Denmark’s best-known poet and writer. He became famous with his many fairy tales.

The projection collage incorporated illustrations from Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales including  ‘The Tinder Box’, ‘The Travelling Companion’, ‘The Snow Queen’, ‘The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep’, ‘The Elf Hill’, ‘The Little Sea Maid’ and ‘The Garden of Paradise’.
The Year’s at the Spring, an anthology drawing on the collective work of 32 different authors, was published in 1920. Harry Clarke’s colour and monotone work for this commission shows significant differences from his earlier illustrations, but remains engaging and complements the simple romantic words of the accompanying poetry. Illustrations for the following poems in the anthology were used: ‘All is Spirit and Part of Me’, ‘The Dead’, ‘Arabia’ and ‘Very Nearly’.