The Museumsquartier (MQ) is a large cultural area in the 7th district of the city of Vienna, Austria. It is home to a range of installations from large art museums like the Leopold Museum, the MUMOK and the Kunsthalle Wien. Under a commission from the art collective “Lichttapete” for a projection design, the MuseumsQuartier (MQ) in Vienna regularly presents the work of Tim Schmelzer in the form of façade and ground projections. A highlight here are the projections on the façade of the Leopold Museum. The works of Tim Schmelzer depict a wide range of projection designs. 

The light projection across the entire white façade of the Leopold Museum creates a light play with high contrast effects, enabling an optical illusion of black elements to be achieved. This effect was used for the museum to represent a series of several black and white subjects. Morse codes, pattern of a “Cube Craft” manual, and other minimal symbols where presented on the museum façade to the public.

Throughout the year, an extensive program of cultural activities and events takes place in the courtyards, ranging from readings to film festivals, dance performances, and exhibition and sculpture projects. Therefore Tim Schmelzer has presented further works frequently at the cultural events such as “Sommer im MQ” and “Winterzeit”.