Tim Schmelzer created a video animation entitled “re:felxion”, which was presented during Innsbruck Night 2016 on the façade of the Wirtschaftskammer Tirol (Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce) in Innsbruck. The video animation derives three different meanings from the term “re:flexion” and represents them spatially.  A round body (flexion) emerges from a monochromatic room with recurring (re:) cubic wall distortions, which turns into a ball.  It mirrors itself and reflects the room and surroundings in front of the building (reflexion).  The room is also mirrored, allowing the mirror ball to contemplate its own reflection (self-reflection).  The ball is multiplied, creating an interaction between the endless reflections of the spherical shape, the building’s surroundings and the cubic space. All of the reflections show the actual area in front of the WKO building in Innsbruck.