vienna light festival 2015 

In October 2015 the Magistrate of public Lighting presented the first Vienna light art festival “Wien leuchtet 2015” at the Maria-Theresien-Platz. The festival was dedicated to the year of Light 2015, which was proclaimed by the United Nations. Therefor Tim Schmelzer designed subjects which where presented by static slide projections on the 170m wide facade of the Natural History Museum. The artwork included parts of exhibits from the museum like drawings from Ernst Haeckel and the Venus of Willendorf. Tim Schmelzer presented his work as a part of a presentation by the Artist Collective Lichttapete. The technical implementation was realized in cooperation with Pani Austria.


Some artistic subjects contained illustrations of the Biologist Ernst Haeckel “Art Forms of Nature” Plate 36 Leptomedusae and 63 Basimycetes. Ernst Haeckel (1834 –1919) was a German biologist and naturalist. The Natural History Museum shows a permanent exhibition of Ernst Haeckels illustrations. The Venus of Willendorf is also shown as a permanent exhibit at the Museum.