vienna light festival 2016

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The light festival “Wien leuchtet 2016 ” took place on the Maria-Theresien-Platz for the second time in October. The overall concept as well as the artistic design was created by the light art collective LICHTTAPETE in cooperation with 4youreye ProjectionArt. “Wien leuchtet 2016” was commissioned by the Magistrate of public Lighting Vienna MA 33. An audiovisual show was presented using an interplay of video, slide projection, light, and sound.  For the first time ever, the entire Museum of Art History was turned into a video mapping show thanks to Tim Schmelzer’s contribution. >> full video show 

Tim Schmelzer also designed an audiovisual performance for one of the four Triton and Naiad fountains on the Maria-Theresien-Platz. This involved the translation of a short poem on the sea by Jules Michelet into Morse code, which was played back in the form of video projections and acoustic Morse code signals. By using Morse code, which is typically used in seafaring, the fountain’s oceanic mythology was linked to Jules Michelet’s poem dedicated to the sea.

For the Museum of Natural History Tim Schmelzer designed freehand subjects  which was lit up with large alternating slide projections. Some artistic composition also involved the drawings of the biologist Ernst Haeckel, which are exhibited in the Museum of Natural History. The elements from “Art Forms of Nature” Plate 69 and 70. were used, amongst others.