Inishark Lightbeam

The light output of the floodlight was 2,200,000 lx at a distance of 5 metres from the lens. The 1.8° aperture angle of the lens produced a beam of light that was visible over many kilometres due to the favourable high humidity of the sea. 

As part of the light art project "Light Returns", a special spotlight was installed in the church ruins of Inishark to send a clearly visible light signal from the island. The small island was evacuated in the 1960s. It remains uninhabited to this day and is located on the west coast of the Republic of Ireland in County Galway. 
On two nights in June 2018, the concentrated beam of light shone up to 200 metres above the ground in the night sky and was visible for several kilometres to the mainland.


The result was captured on camera from the perspective directly below the spotlight and shows the impression of a cross in the sky at the end of the light beam.  

Illuminated Crucifix

During the night, the light beam was directed onto the cross of the church. This resulted in an impressive refraction of light with the contour of the cross in a starry sky.


Bonfire Night

On the second night during Bonfire Night on the 24th of June 2018, the spotlight was positioned at the top of the hill near the village of Inishark. On this night, it complemented the beacon isgnale along the Irish coast, which was clearly visible from the mainland.

Special thanks for support:

ALC Eventsolutions Vienna, for providing the light beam.
Caroline Coyne from the "The Galley", for accommodation and support.
Harry Coyne, for the boat transfere.