Landscape projection Ireland

Landscape projections in Ireland standing in focus emphasizing the photographic documentation. The projections are embedded in selected landscapes and photographed from specific view angles. The result of the work is the changing of the perception of the environment. The photographic documentation was deliberately timed at dusk as an instrument to balance perception between projection and surroundings. Only a few minutes during the evening twilight allow for an optimal interplay between ambient light and the projection to achieve the desired photographic result. The implementation was made by using a portable projection device consisting of a power generator and a video projector.

In the Glanteenassig National Forest Park, on the Dingle Peninsula, the lough Slat lies at the foot of the Slieve Mish Mountains. Two pine trees stand next to the shore on a small island. 52°12'23.90"N 10° 2'3.63"W
The old ruin of a fish smokehouse on Inishbofin in Galway serves as a projection object. The concrete construction which is divided into 3 rooms is located on the eastern coast of the island close to Rusheen. 53°37'17.84"N 10°11'0.28"W
The multilate pine is standing in Castlegregory in Kerry. The place was selected for several pattern- and video projections, and was also choose for the "interference" video experience. 52°15'15.12"N 10° 1'18.37"W
The ruins of an old village are situated close to the Brandon Point on the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry. Stone figures were placed within the old walls at dusk. 52°17'3.97"N 10° 9'36.35"W
Three masks were projected during the night into the group of five old pine trees in Brandon, Kerry. A street light lit the surrounding with the effect of brighten up the field and walls. 52°16'3.64"N 10° 9'39.37"W
The 4-metre-high stone formation near the Old Conner Pass Road on the Dingle Peninsula in Kerry was transformed during the twilight into the statue of an angel half-submerged in the ground. 52°11'48.34"N 10°12'55.99"W
Photoshoot of the animated video projection at the Baltimore Beacon in West Cork. Several drawings of Harry Clarke were animated and sized to fit the beacon’s conical shape. 51°28'25.17"N 9°23'15.83"W
In winter, Brandon Pier served as a projection surface for a variety of textual subjects. In the background the street lights of Stradbally and Castlegregory in the Tralee Bay. 52°16'7.32"N 10°9'34.96"W
The white crucifix at Slea Head on the Dingle Peninsula is discerned as a black silhouette because of the special masking of the projection subject and its strong contrast to the projection light. 52° 5'53.52"N 10°27'18.23"W
52 lookout post´s from ww2, build by the Irish Defence Force, were choose as a projection surface for this light art project. The post´s were build at the shore of the Republic Ireland during the Emergency. More details about this project are shown at the page
Projection of a cutout from an old photography at the original place during the dawn. The original photography was made at the Inishark pier while Theresa Larcey and her Husband went to the boat to mainland at the day of evacuation on the 21st of October 1960. This projection was apart of the Inishark project "light returns". Inishark is still an uninhabited island close to Inishbofin in County Galway. 53°36'29.50"N, 10°16'6.13"W
The unusual geometric shape of the concrete wall along the steep path to Dunquin Pier in Kerry was abstracted and transformed in a pattern. The pattern was projected onto the cliffs and the surrounding environment. 52°7'28.42"N 10°27'37.37"W
At an abandoned house close to Brandon Point, the projection subject of a diagonal light section was adapted to the selected detail of the camera. The contour of a scissors break the light section between light and darkness. 52°16'34.88"N 10° 9'57.17"W
The latin proverb refers to the cubic shape of the ruins in the centre of the 16th century Minard Castle. The castle is located at the Kilmurry Bay on the Dingle Peninsula. 52°7'33.91"N 10°6'37.50"W
At the west end of Fermoyle Beach close to Stradbally in Kerry a stone formation remains to a skull. The rock was softly covered with a low light projection of a skull shape during the twilight. 52°14'42.99"N 10° 8'22.63"W
Projection of an old photography at the original place in the slightly lighted ruin of Thomas Lacey´s house at the uninhabited island Inishark. The experience was made during the “Light Returns” project in focus of a reverse process from a photographic exposure to a light projection. 53°36'20.01"N, 10°16'2.86"W
The projection was made at dusk on the spray of breaking waves on Coumeenoole Beach next to Slea Head on the Dingle Peninsula. The beach is located at the westernmost point of Ireland. 52° 6'33.30"N 10°27'49.94"W
A coloured and reversed photography of the rock was adapted for the projection on a 3-metre high rock on Inishbofin, County Galway. The stone is located on the island’s western coast close to Royal Oak Cove. 53°37'15.29"N 10°15'22.41"W
The Mass Path trail between Derrynane Beach and Iskeroon in Kerry was choosed for some works in the forest. The tight shrubbery and woods block the daylight which made a light projection at the early evening possible. 51°45'46.06"N 10° 8'38.77"W
Near Derrynane in Kerry an old concrete fundament between natural cliffs was in spotlight for this work. An coloured and reversed photography of the original place was the basis for this projection. The place is located on private property.
The projection of light effect simulates rays shines out of the windows and door at a house in the west village. The projection focuses on the front of the ruin to also light up the vanished inside, how it looks today. This work was apart of the Inishark project "light return". The uninhabited island is located close to Inishbofin in County Galway. 53°36'29.50"N, 10°16'6.13"W


Fermoyle Beach

Video projection on a stone at Irelands westcoast contains scenes of Super8 films made by Tim Schmelzers family in 1975. The vanished lava stone is located at the west end of Fermoyle Beach close toStradbally in Kerry.


Baltimore Beacon

Video projection of animated Harry Clarkeillustrations attheBeacon close to theentrance ofthe harbour at Baltimorein West Cork. Culled from seven illustrations by Harry Clarke, several visual elements were animated and sized to fit the Beacon’s conic shape.



Projection of an interference noise on objects that stand out in their environment. The choosen objects were ruthless built, discarded or destroyed. The container, used as storage, was in spot for this experience. 

Projection of an interference noise on objects that stand out in their environment. The choosen objects were ruthless built, discarded or destroyed. The vacate unhabited caravan, was choose for an interference projection. 

In a backyard of Castlegregory in Kerry this motilated tree was discovered and choosen for an interference projection. The tree was also selected for a landscape projection shown in the landscape gallery.