LICHTUNG was conceived as an artistic intervention and took place in November 2021 at the memorial for the expelled, emigrated and murdered of the Art History Institute of the University of Vienna in the period 1933 - 1945. In 2008 the monument was erected in the form of an accessible installation by Hans Buchwald based on an idea by Wolfgang Georg Fischer: A dysfunctional round table made of steel surrounds a blue-bell tree. 

The light projection lifts the monument out of the darkness. The experiences of those affected are reflected in the clearing. Persecution,displacement and the long time it took to find new roots are symbolically expressed. A cycle of memories and hope floods the ground of events and remembrance. 
The light art intervention "LICHTUNG" accompanied the 21st international conference of the Association of Austrian Art Historians on the subject of "Great Female Art Historians".  

Concept and art direction
Tim Schmelzer

Animation support by

Sound production by
Patrick Kong

Technical support
Lumine Projections

With the kind support of
Verein Initiative Kunstgeschichte
Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture
Future Fund of the Republic of Austria
Art History Institute of the University of Vienna