On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing, a 3D mapping show onto the parliament building in Bern was created for the client Starlight Events. The effective presentation entitled “First Step” not only dealt with the first steps on the moon, but also put this unique event in a new light. Rendez-vous Bundesplatz was attended by 552 400 spectators. 

Art Direction.Tim Schmelzer, Marcus Zobl by Lichttapete. 
Animation Support.Patrick Kong, Dirk Pfeifer, Haselbusch 




As part of the Festival Of Lights in Berlin, E.ON presented the "Special TV Tower Award". The theme of "Creating a Better Tomorrow" was to feature Germany's tallest building, the TV tower on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. Therefor Tim Schmelzer created a 90 seconds 3D video mapping animation which was leaned on solar technology innovations and the character of the building structure. One specific point in that work was a free falling light effect which was leaned on the physical curve of gravity.

Art Direction.Tim Schmelzer by Lichttapete
Animation support.Patrick Kong 




In an interplay of light, sound, video and slide projection, visitors of the light festival “Wien leuchtet 2016” were able to immerse themselves into a special atmosphere over three evenings. The overall project was produced together by Lichttapete and 4youreye. While the Natural History Museum was presented with alternating slide projections for the first time, the Kunsthistorisches Museum has been staged using 3D video mapping. Large-scale images on the floor as well as projections and sound collages on the four Tritons and Naiads fountains merged the ambience with the visitors into a comprehensive work of art.

Production and Art Direction.Tim Schmelzer
Animation support.Patrick Kong 





Video projection for the  “light in art and archtitectrure festival GLOW 2013“ in Eindhoven Holland. The Eindhoven Hooghuis, designed in 1975 by the Van den Broeken Bakema architectural firm, is characterized by purely rectangular and cubist architecture. Tim Schmelzers projection based on the principles of the Dutch artist group De Stijl, founded in the 1920s, lends itself particularly well for this building.The projection concept makes reference to the works of the De Stijl group. It transports the creative thought of the group to the present in the form of an original design emphasizing abstract geometric forms and clarity of color.
Tim Schmelzer
Animation support.Patrick Kong 




As part of the "Light in Art & Architecture Festival Glow", a video was presented at the Dela Building in Eindhoven, which deals with the subject of death in moving scenes. It visualised the emotions that survivors experience when a family member or friend leaves them. These memories and experiences were translated into dreamy scenes that should give strength and inspiration to children from this painful experience.

Artwork.Tim Schmelzer
Animation support.Patrick Kong 



LIGHTSHOW MAX500 - Innsbruck (A) 


At the beginning of the commemoration year for the 500th anniversary of the death of Emperor Maximilian I, the lightshow “MAX 500” turned the Innsbruck Hofburg into a completely new light. Designed in the form of an elaborate 3D video mapping and highlighted with matching sounds, a 20-minute journey through time, took visitors back to the past. It showed distinctive stations in the life of the “last knight” of the Middle Ages and gave a surprising view into the future. (Dokumentation video by  Tim Schmelzer and World In Motion)

Art Direction: Tim Schmelzer, Marcus Zobl by Lichttapete
Animation support.Patrick Kong, Dirk Pfeifer, Atzgerei 



 WINTERSKY MQ - Vienna (A)

Video projection at the "Wintersky", a 13 m diameter disc, during the WINTER IM MQ in Vienna. This showreel shows also parts of produced animations by guest-artists Patrick Kong, Dirk Pfeifer and Haselbusch.

Art Direction.Tim Schmelzer by Lichttapete 



  INNSBRUCK NIGHT - Innsbruck (A)

Tim Schmelzer created a video animation entitled “re:flexion”, which was presented during Innsbruck Night 2016 on the façade of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce. The video animation derives three different meanings from the term “re:flexion” and represents them spatially.  A round body (flexion) emerges from a monochromatic room with recurring (re:) cubic wall distortions, which turns into a ball.  It mirrors itself and reflects the room and surroundings in front of the building (reflexion). The room is also mirrored, allowing the mirror ball to contemplate its own reflection.

Artwork.Tim Schmelzer
Animation support.Patrick Kong 



WIEN LEUCHTET / Triton and Najad fountain - Vienna (A)

As part of the Vienna Festival of Lights, the Triton and Najad fountain created by Edmund Hofmann of Aspernburg was selected to project Jules Michelet's poem “The Sea” in the form of the Morse alphabet. The projection was supplemented by an acoustic translation of the poem into Morse signals. 

Production and Artwork.Tim Schmelzer 




For the European Athletics Championships in Switzerland a particularly moving project for the Zürich Opera House was realised. In the course of a 3D video mapping, the topics athletics and art were combined in the form of a story: a virtual book took the observers back to the history of athletics in Switzerland until 1954 and to the Letzigrund Stadium, the venue of the games. The Swiss tradition, symbolised in the form of a clockwork, combined with sporting elements led to flags – a synonym for international participants. At the end of the story, the opera house regained its identity and bowed to the applause of the visitors.

Art Direction.Tim Schmelzer, Marcus Zobl
Animation support.Patrick Kong